Blue Line Heroes

Raising Donations With Antique Car Shows

Our cause is one that brings our community together to support our men and women in blue. Our non-profit organization raises funds through antique car shows. All proceedings go to the Knox County Sheriff's Department. We feel our efforts go beyond financial contribution---we gather and strengthen our sense of community while having fun! Whether you're a vintage car enthusiast or just seeking a new experience, we can guarantee our car shows will wow you. See classic and vintage models from all throughout the Tennessee area!

vintage car and police officer


Based in the heart of Knoxville, TN our Sheriff Department is devoted to serving and protecting all residents. We're so proud of all the heroes in blue who do their part daily to serve us. Their sacrifices can be immense for both officers and their families; this is why we are committed to giving back to them during their time of need. All money raised from our car shows goes directly to The Knox County Sheriff's office.
Knox County Sheriff

Why It Matters

Every contribution matters. Even $1 can go to the family of a wounded or fallen officer in need. Volunteer work, moral support---every effort you provide makes a difference. Wounded officers can incur hefty medical expenses that leave their families in dire predicaments. Let's give back.

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